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A late-20s university grad living in the Bay Area.

Aspiring polyglot with Spanish and Japanese under my belt. My eyes are set for French, German, Italian, and Hawai'ian. I often get distracted from my language learning. You can find me as 'moon_goddess' on Memrise, or DM me for Lang-8 or Busuu contact information.

My obsessive-compulsions include stopping the microwave only when the time remaining is divisible by five and reading the fine print on commercials.

My first sip of tea was out of my baby bottle. I make one of the best cuppas you’ll ever taste.

I’m so tired I want to cry.

On side bar: I can’t take baths to relax in anymore because I’ve fallen asleep [with the water full] four times, so I’m a bit paranoid about teasing fate with a fifth time.

/pity party

While visiting my SIL in Germany last year, we went to “wine fest” in a nearby village. We took the bus as we couldn’t all fit into Michelle’s car.

When we got off at the station this random, annoyed German woman was huffing and puffing. She was clearly lost and none of the other German patrons could help her, so she walked over to us - my SIL, her two kids, FIL, Wayne, and me. My nephew is the one who speaks the most German out of any of us, but she was being casually racist [to everyone else aside from my FIL who dressed v much like a tourist] and started rambling off in German to me.

I didn’t say “ich nicht sprechen deutsch”, “keine deutsch”, “nein”, or whatever I’m supposed to say in German as I didn’t want to encourage her. I apologized in English and said “I don’t speak German” and as I was motioning to my nephew, her hand came up to my face and she did the gestural ‘whatever’/’talk to the hand’ to me.

And that is my most recent encounter with ‘the hand’ is over a decade ago. I thought that was a dead concept TBH.



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Along with “run, corré, 走って”, I am now constantly spouting “up, arriba, 上った”. But in all fairness, I say “uh-bung-uh” not “up” but that’s gibberish so I’m not counting it towards G’s lexicon.


Have you experienced going into a place wherein no one can easily understand what you are saying and you’re already desperate to find someone who can assist you? Language barrier is one of the problems encountered by travelers when they are in a new land. Aside from the list of destinations and polishing your itinerary, researching for some phrases on the local language is also helpful before a travel.


Philippines has a bunch of languages: Tagalog, Ilokano, Pangasinense, Kapampangan, Bikolano, Waray, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Cebuano and Chavacano among others. Although most Filipinos know the national language (Tagalog), some are not really fluent in speaking it and having a hard time understanding the language. Since “Buwan ng Wika” is being celebrated during the month of August, I invited some Pinoy Travel Bloggers to teach us some useful phrases on their language that can be used to talk with the locals on the certain parts of the country.


Let us start from the south.


CHAVACANO.  The resident Chavacano blogger behind the blog will be our resource blogger for the first featured language. Although he knows other languages, Chavacano is the prima lingua of Dong Ho who grew up in the island of Basilan where the common language is Chavacano as influenced by the nearby city of Zamboanga. “Learning it might not be as useful as other languages anymore as fewer provinces use it; it is still fun to learn some few phrases that would help you when talking to the locals.”

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butch vig is such a dick though. kurt never wanted all of those layered vocals. butch seriously would be like “hey we didn’t really get good sound on that take, do it again.” then he would layer everything.

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Soooo Janelle Monae covered David Bowie.

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Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw

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