laughter is the best medicine

A late-20s university grad living in the Bay Area.

Aspiring polyglot with Spanish and Japanese under my belt. My eyes are set for French, German, Italian, and Hawai'ian. I often get distracted from my language learning. You can find me as 'moon_goddess' on Memrise, or DM me for Lang-8 or Busuu contact information.

My obsessive-compulsions include stopping the microwave only when the time remaining is divisible by five and reading the fine print on commercials.

My first sip of tea was out of my baby bottle. I make one of the best cuppas you’ll ever taste.

  • Call Center "Supervisor": [The referral pt] ripped through their fibula.
  • Me: You can't rip through a fibula - it's a bone.
  • CCS: (to another agent) was it their fibula? They ripped through their fibula? (to me) Yeah, they ripped through their fibula.
  • Me: You can't rip a bone.
  • ......
  • Who would think that my on-the-job anatomy [I have retained] would help me this much? Wow. /sarcasm