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Last night, I was attempted to purchase my commuter train ticket with my pre-tax commuter check (now in card form), but I was denied. I tried again with a lower amount and was still denied. I tried calling the third party vendor (TPV) but their offices had closed an hour earlier as they run on Central Standard Time.

I checked my work email from home and saw the excuse as “amount not warranted” or something along those lines. I was confused as I have a incredible high pre-paid amount on my card from my previously monthly contributions and from the days I didn’t come to work either due to vacation, holidays, or sick days.

My first thought was that my management were attempting to fire me and had already started the paperwork, which you may be taken aback by but keep in my mind that my employer is being sued for labor law violations and I am one of the original petitioners. I tried not to analyze it too much and spent the rest of the night in my study session.

This morning I called the TPV on my walk to my commuter train. The rep told me that there was a new federal regulation in place (active the first of this year) that caps the monthly withdrawals at $125. I was perturbed and asked about my previous balance.

"Yes, all [censored] is still on your card."

"And I can only access it $125/month at a time?"

"Yes, but you can stop contributing until your balance gets closer to zero then restart your monthly deposits."

Great idea! I’m not being sarcastic - it was a great idea - as I despise the idea of having money taken out of my check for commuting purposes then being told I can’t use it.

My question is why are the feds so concerned about regulated commuter check versus regulating the market, banks, credit bureaus, or the 1%? Seriously, when did my paycheck raise any red flags?