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A late-20s university grad living in the Bay Area.

Aspiring polyglot with Spanish and Japanese under my belt. My eyes are set for French, German, Italian, and Hawai'ian. I often get distracted from my language learning. You can find me as 'moon_goddess' on Memrise, or DM me for Lang-8 or Busuu contact information.

My obsessive-compulsions include stopping the microwave only when the time remaining is divisible by five and reading the fine print on commercials.

My first sip of tea was out of my baby bottle. I make one of the best cuppas you’ll ever taste.

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My Friday night date.

Gavin actually started hitting his hanging toys and at one point tried to roll over but ended up looking like a flopping fish. :) He was congratulated on the progress.

September 2012 at one of the black sands beaches on the west coast of Hawai’i. #hawaii #bigisland #tbt #gpoy

Our DOJ wedding on 7 August ‘09. #tbt #gpoy #SometimesBiggerIsNotBetter

Mummy and baby. #gpoy #gavin

Drake and the babe.

30 weeks tomorrow. Lesson learned at Old Navy today? ON Maternity jeans are weird.

New #specks. #glasses #fysh #gpoy

Where I’d rather be: Hawai’i the West Coast edition.

Where I’d rather be: Hawai’i the West Coast edition.

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

Pololū Valley.