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I'm an aspiring polyglot with some Spanish and Japanese under my belt. My eyes are set for French, German, Italian, and Hawai'ian. I often get distracted from my language learning by my little family unit (husband, human baby, and fur baby) and life in the Bay. My language skills tend to be more literate than verbal. You can find me as 'moon_goddess' on Memrise, or DM me for Lang-8 or Busuu contact information.

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A post-baccalaureate personal fitness trainer certificate I have been eyeballing for the last two years is no longer offered at a nearby state college’s extension. Uh oh, procrastination led to the world winning this battle.

-coffee shop/café
-sweet shoppe (bakery with froyo available)

Why haven’t I? Economy blows and, despite being in Berkeley, a lot of our indie shops are closing down.

“Try a different location.” Have you been to NorCal? IMO, there are very few towns and cities that support local, indie shops. People want the convenience of chains, and the farther into the ‘burbs you go for decent rent prices, the negative correlation continues: lower rent, lower likelihood of people breaking from the familiar to try your place.

It’s probably easier to open a franchise location then to try to break the mold.

Don’t mind me, I’m going through my Sunday routine of hating my job and wondering why I’m wasting my talents away at my job.

I think I found my program I should focus on getting into: the Asian Studies and Law (M.A./J.D. degree) @ Cal.

… make languages for games. I blogged about it before, but it has been sitting at the back of my mind constantly reminding me that I am too good for this [current] work and I should just “do it”. My problem? All gaming companies have on their job postings are artist work. I just want to see one posting in order to make a to-do list for the qualifications.

Anyone have a link to help a Limey out?

Why do people care so much what I have going on? Can we celebrate my brain instead of my vacant birth canal?

Note: yes, I’m aware of my misspelling of ‘apocalypse’ on my tweet. Piss off and focus on the point. :-P


Losers from the Debt Deal: Students

Graduate students would be the hardest hit, as the bill proposes an elimination of the interest subsidy on federal student loans for “almost all” of them. This means that beginning July 1, 2012, grad students will be responsible for the interest on their loans while in school and during any subsequent deferment period.

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Yeah, paying $150-300/monthly on a $11 or less/hour salary while still paying for tuition, books, housing, etc. makes complete sense…. smh.

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New goal for future babies. :-D


(Note: this is for parents who are struggling to communicate with Deaf/HOH babies. And to my dear Em who’s an aunt to HOH niece)

In my opinion, the ability to communicate with your baby as early as possible is the biggest benefit of them all. Come on, we’re all human; as adorable as babies are, there are times when it can be tiring. Even the most devoted parents have wilted under the repetitious strain of “eat, poop, sleep… eat, poop, sleep.” What better way to break the monotony than communicating—and connecting—with your baby way earlier than if you had waited for verbal skills to emerge? It’s very rewarding and further enhances the bond between you and your baby. Baby sign language is truly a gift.

But wait, there’s more.

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If I owned one it would be called “Build-A-Bra” and would be designed like “Build-A-Bear”. Make a demi with skulls or a full with polka dots in green, racerback or strapless, and it would go to sizes that would rival Bravissimo (the only place I get my bras).

I would have a squirt gun filled with lemon water to spray at the douchey white guys looking like Paul Walker. "What’s up, brah?" You’re dead, dude.

Wayne was playing Just Cause 2 last night when Jazzie and I returned from our avoid-the-woo-cuddle-party outing. We started watching the game play and I thought that it would be awesome to become a travel consultant for gaming companies. The idea snowballed into language development when the dialect for [the fictional island of] Panau was spoken. I thought it has elements of Tagalog but I couldn’t tell if the speech pattern was SVO or SOV. My desire to work with language and game publishing skyrocketed.

I tried googling some advice but all I found was a gamer Linguistics PhD who was ripping the [made-up] language for one of the Star Wars games. I guess I’ll have to just get the advanced degree and figure it out later… :-\