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You know you’re exhausted if you’re laying in bed at 9PM hoping to fall asleep by 9:30.

Thank goodness that week is now over.

I will have a longer entry about this documentary later, but it’s hitting way too close to home right now.


I will have a longer entry about this documentary later, but it’s hitting way too close to home right now.

I have not been feeling the holiday spirit and I can thank my hostile work environment and the few abusive patients I deal with. But I have had some wonderful gifts and hugs from the patients who are grateful, and kind words from those who are far away.

I want to take a moment and remind people that staff aren’t always to blame. Some of us work for unprofessional individuals who procrastinate like a flaky undergrad, and then we get blamed for lack of communication. It’s difficult to go from working with providers who are responsible to someone (only one of my three behaves this way) who expects me to read their mind.

It is not my job or any other doctors’ office’s staff’s job to handhold their provider to the point of literally reading emails aloud to them.

So next time you assume it’s the staff remind yourself of that woman who bitches on her blog about someone ten years older than her acting like an incompetent child, and dealing with managers from the financial sector instead of patient care who drop buzzwords instead of empathy and are more concerned with micromanaging staff than regulating their providers.

If this was a lower volume suburban or country office, having one person staffing your office wouldn’t be a problem. But this is a high-volume, urban hospital. One employee to rule all patients? No. Bad idea. Cut your own pay and hire more staff.

Did I mention that along with my concussion that this was our first full business week in our uniforms? We look like Catholic schoolgirls. In fact, my friend was grocery shopping and ran into high school girls in the same uniform… How is it okay for a state/government facility to mandate such a policy?

I’m going to start calling my colleagues that get under my skin “Thursday” so that I can go around singing about how much they blow.

There was a “raffle” at my work today for sports paraphernalia. I say “raffle” because not everyone’s names were allowed to be in it rather a pre-selected group of favorites were chosen to be eligible to win. Our director came in with a cup filled with a dozen names (literally twelve slips of paper) - all from the OR.

I wouldn’t have participated anyway so I have no bother with the stab at the rest of us, but a lot of my colleagues were personally hurt and offended at this display of animosity towards staff.

Although Mt. Everest has a higher altitude, Mauna Kea is “taller” by ~2 km farther from Earth’s center than Mt. Everest. (

Next time someone gives me shit I’m gonna be like “whatever bitch, I mounted Mauna Kea. What did you do? Fuck around with Word and Clip Art!? Your flyers look like shit. GTFO.”

I had to do a call into the OR front desk today that I couldn’t finish yesterday as my manager refuses to acknowledge that I can’t do 100% of my workload with one hand. Woman on the other line asked me to call back cause she was busy, so I let her have it. “No, I’m calling you from home - I’m not at work - and you’re going to take down this information and finish it later!”.

The staff at that desk always act like this, and you know what? I’m really tired of their bullshit.

I gave them my surgeon’s cell phone number to follow-up with cause I.don’ with helping them get more information, and honestly, my surgeon should provide the additional information as I am not a medically-licensed or medically-trained professional.

I have also become too jaded with this facility and the way medicine has become about big business to pick up the MSN goal again.