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I'm an aspiring polyglot with some Spanish and Japanese under my belt. My eyes are set for French, German, Italian, and Hawai'ian. I often get distracted from my language learning by my little family unit (husband, human baby, and fur baby) and life in the Bay. My language skills tend to be more literate than verbal. You can find me as 'moon_goddess' on Memrise, or DM me for Lang-8 or Busuu contact information.

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I could totally use these at work!

Look, adding “-san”/「-さん」to your own name is like saying “me llamo es”.

It really screws me up when I’m reading something and the font and spacing change.

I’m currently playing some lullabies for Gavin.
Here’s the first one: Edo Komoriuta 「江戸子守唄」。


DIY Mochi Tutorial {click link for FULL tutorial}


This is a scene from ‘The Caretaker’, the full film will be released with the Immigrant Nation online platform in summer 2012.

The Caretaker is a short film about the relationship between an immigrant caretaker and an elderly woman in the last months of her life. Joesy, a Fijian immigrant, works long hours providing live-in care for 95-year-old Haru Tsurumoto. Through intimate and quiet scenes, we explore Joesy’s complex relationship with Haru. The two respect one another, because at different times, both have felt like outsiders in the U.S. - Joesy as an undocumented immigrant who fears she could be sent back to Fiji, and Haru as a Japanese American who was sent to the internment camps during World War II.

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I’m trying to stay motivated! I have downloaded Memrise for French and German and a new reading app (Wakaru) for Japanese. Memrise also has Japanese, Spanish, Chinese (only menu-reading), Russian, and Portuguese.

I need to just start Skyping on Busuu and Lang-8, but what can I say, I have to be in the mood to deal with other humans especially after a day at my horrible job. Maybe I should vlog instead. Any suggestions, lang nerds?

Contemplating waking up early to brave Ranch 99 Market in search of ramune candy.




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